Simple Metal Seed – How I made my Titanium seed backup…

I’ve shared this in a comment a couple times before. Just decided to put the info and template files together in a new **[github repo](** for easy access, and for updating/extending by others. I felt it was worth posting a simple DIY version similar to the commercial ones.

It just documents a simple dot pattern for more compact storage (credit card size for 24 words) and provides a couple templates for anyone who wants to print and use.

I had a spring loaded center punch already and bought a $2 titantium plate on ebay for fireproof backup. You could get fancy with letter punch sets you only use once. I just found this easy/cheap. [Lopp reviewed]( a similar commerical one ([Blockplate]( and found it to be the easiest to actually make.

Mine is DIY and super cheap: Titantium (Gr2) $2 (for two, either 0.5 or 1mm thick), Center punch (if not in your toolbox) $2, both on ebay.

I hand laminated my card after so even if in hand you cannot tell it has dots punched under the reference material, or likewise with a 4″x6″ piece if sandwiched between paperboard as backing in a photo frame.

The test image shows aluminum but I have done titanium myself now and it came out even a bit nicer. Don’t use aluminum as it has a low melting point.

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